Myths about Danger of CrossFit Sport

CrossFit is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of sports. Nevertheless, new technologies make it possible to thoroughly study the effect of a new method on the condition of an athlete’s body. Using fragmentary information, some scientists and critics of the direction spoke out against the use of CrossFit as a certified sports program. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few major health myths about CrossFit and try to debunk them!

1. CrossFit Can Possess a Great Risk to Heart’s Health

The heart is the most important and at the same time one of the most vulnerable human organs. Many people, from children to the elderly, suffer from diseases and pains in the heart. Therefore, the high cardio loads that Glassman will offer in his program can significantly harm our main organ. At least that’s what critics say. But is it really so?

The fact is that the heart, like any muscle, can be trained and strengthened. This, in general, is the point of most cardio workouts. However, this is true. Significant simultaneous loads can adversely affect the health of the heart. And if you know that you have big problems with it, then it is better to abandon intense cardio loads.

But why is it still a myth? Because any workout can be tailored to the needs of each individual athlete’s health. That is, if you feel something is wrong with your heart, just give up cardio loads for the near future and concentrate on strength! That’s the beauty of this sport!

2. CrossFit Is a Very Traumatic Sport for Health

In 2014, the National Strength and Conditioning Association released a study stating that this is too traumatic for health sport. According to them, almost 16% of the subjects did not complete the full research program due to injuries and will return to work after recovery.

However, CrossFit Inc itself completely rejects all attacks from the Association. According to experts, the number of injuries is only 2.4-3.1 cases per thousand hours of training. And this figure is already significantly less than that of other popular sports.
Yes, and the continued commitment to CrossFit by millions of fans shows that the sport is as safe and adaptive as possible. Moreover, the Association itself later stated that some errors were made in the study.

Draw Your own Conclusion!

As statistics and athletes’ reviews show, CrossFit is as harmless as possible when used correctly and under the supervision of a certified trainer. So do not be afraid to play sports and do it with pleasure!